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    We are always happy to review your submissions but we must     inform you that due to heavy load of submissions we cannot     accept less than 30 non-exclusive original titles at the moment.

    For further information about our forms of collaboration please
    visit our FAQ sector:

We treat creativity with respect and sales with transparency
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When Scapetunes represents some artist's tracks exclusively, they have the chance to generate revenues digitally into more than 10 online platforms with our collaboration with Ostereo; a British forward-thinking tech-based record label backed by Grammy winning talent and award winning marketers.

Visit Ostereo at:

Both in exclusive and non-exclusive cooperation with Scaptunes, each artist is represented worldwide by our vast sub-publishers partnerships.
Scapetunes as a British based Music Production Company is collaborating with PRS. PRS a globally well-known PRO (Performance Royalty Organization) pays royalties to our artists when their work is performed, broadcast, streamed, downloaded, reproduced, played in public or used in film and TV.
Through PRS Scapetunes is committed to protecting the value of all the submitted/-licensed tracks and ensuring our artists are represented. These licenses cover all music genres, all kinds of music use, whether it’s for digital, broadcast or public performance. The above stands for every artist from all over the world regardless the PRO that is already registered to.